Judge issues bench warrants for up to a dozen people after rally weekend

July 2, 2018

A Judge has issued bench warrants for up to a dozen people who failed to appear in court following the Donegal International Motor Rally.

The accused defendants were due to appear today at Letterkenny District Court facing a raft of charges arising out of the weekend during which more than 80 people were arrested.

Gardai stressed that those arrested were not genuine rally fans but those ‘hanging on’ to the event.

Those due in court were mostly from Northern Ireland and faced various charges including dangerous driving, public order, drugs offenses and drunk-driving.

Judge Paul Kelly issued bench warrants for all those who failed to show to answer their charges and ordered their bail money to be forfeited.

A number of other defendants did appear and were dealt with by way of fines through the court.

Among those fined was a man who repeatedly called Gardai ‘donkeys’ and tried to remove the keys from their patrol car as they attended an incident in Letterkenny on June 17th.


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