Carer told cinema staff he would ‘punch their teeth out’ after being refused entry

October 2, 2018

A man who was refused entry to his local cinema after claiming he forgot his child’s carer card told staff he would ‘punch their teeth out.’

Michael McDonagh appeared before Letterkenny District Court in Co Donegal following the incident at Century Cinemas on January 5th last.

McDonagh arrived at the cinema along with his wife and children.

He asked staff if he could get in for free as he was a carer for one of his children.

However, staff told him he could not get in for free as he did not have the proper carer’s card with him.

He purchased four tickets for the matinee show at 3pm.

However, Garda Inspector Goretti Sheridan told the court that he then threatened staff that he would punch their teeth out.

Martin McDonagh Pic copyright of North West News Pics.

Manager and owner of the cinema, Mr Mark Doherty, told McDonagh, of the Big Isle, Letterkenny, that his wife and children could get into the film but he could not.

He continued to try and get into the film and told staff “Get away from me or I’ll break your jaw.”

The film was delayed as a result of the commotion.

Gardai arrived and tried to calm McDonagh down but he continued to be abusive.

He held up his phone and told Gardai he was recording them.

Gardai pleaded with McDonagh to calm down and that they did not want to put him in handcuffs in front of his children but he then asked to be handcuffed.

Solicitor for McDonagh, Mr Frank Dorrian, said Mr Doherty and his staff at the cinema treated his client perfectly but he refused to accept the voice of authority.

The court heard that McDonagh has 44 previous convictions.

Judge Paul Kelly asked if McDonagh had been back to the cinema since the incident and he was told that he had not.

Judge Kelly added “This is absolutely disgraceful carry-on and there is no excuse for it, good bad or indifferent,”

He adjourned the case until December 7th next and ordered a probation report to be carried out on McDonagh.