Donegal had the highest number of people turn down offers of housing more than once in the past three years since 2016.

A total of 129 multiple refusals from a total of 61 applicants looking for houses in Donegal snubbed the offers.


According to the figures, obtained under the Freedom of Information Act by, 370 housing applicants turned down multiple offers since 2016 – around 7% of the total number of those to have refused.

Donegal had the most number of multiple refusals.

It was followed by Sligo County Council (78 multiple refusals), Leitrim County Council (54), Cork City Council (40) and Meath County Council (40).

As a result, local authorities suspended more than 350 applicants for social housing from their waiting lists for refusing more than one offer of a home in the past three years.

However, the figures for Donegal suspensions was not given.


Figures obtained by from 28 of Ireland’s 31 city and county councils reveal that 5,459 applicants turned down an offer of social housing since 2016.

Of these, 357 applicants from 22 councils – a mixture of families and individuals – were suspended from their waiting list for refusing more than one offer of housing.

Under current rules, applicants who refuse an offer of social housing more than once in a twelve-month period are suspended from their local authority’s waiting list for a year.

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