A LETTERKENNY man who claimed to have accidentally scored the side of two cars has been ordered to compensate the owners.

Matt Bromley (31) of 60 Orchard Crescent, Letterkenny, pleaded guilty to two charges of criminal damage at Fortwell Court, Letterkenny on August 25, 2019.

Sergeant Jim Collins said that Gardaí received a report of criminal damage at 4.43pm on the date in question 

Witnesses said that they saw a male damage two cars by scraping paint off them.

“They noted that there were score marks from the front bumper to the back wing,” Sergeant Collins said.

Bromley admitted to the offences when questioned by Gardaí.

Appearing in court without a solicitor, Bromley, who has no previous convictions said: “I just walked without care on the footpath. I didn’t take care passing the cars.”

Bromley claimed in court that he was carrying a bag and wearing a key chain at the time.

Sergeant Collins said Gardaí believed Bromley had ‘dragged the key along the cars’.

Asked by Judge Paul Kelly why he was pleading guilty if he believed it had been an accident, Bromley said: “I believe it was my fault.”

The defendant said he didn’t see the damage and didn’t know the owners.

Judge Kelly adjourned the matter until January 27 when he said Bromley had to bring €500 to court. 



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