Seven friends charged after drugs bust crashes holiday home party

July 6, 2020

SEVEN best friends from Belfast who reunited in Rathmullan for an end-of-college-year ‘blast’ had their party pooped by a drugs bust on Friday.

At 6.10pm on Friday, July 3, Gardaí carried out a search of a property at Lehardan, Rathmullan under the misuse of drugs act.

The suspicion of Gardaí had been roused earlier in the day when they ‘saw something’. A search warrant was obtained and Gardaí visited the property, a holiday home belonging to the parents of one of the party.

Cocaine to a total value of €330 and €75 worth of cannabis was found.

The group of seven, described by Judge Paul Kelly as ‘privileged students’ who had been at ‘expensive universities’ were not present at Letterkenny District Court when the case was heard.

All seven made full admissions and were fully co-operative with Gardaí when questioned.  Pleas were tendered in respect of all of the charges.

Solicitor Mr Patsy Gallagher represented all seven who, the court heard, had just finished degrees varying from business management, engineering and quantity surveying at colleges in Edinbugh, Cambridge and London.

“They were very stupid young men,” Mr Gallagher said. “They came here for a blast at the end of the college year. They are in difficulty – and they know it.

“They all come from the one area and they are best friends from Belfast. This was the first time the seven of them had been together since they went to university. They played football, basketball etc and made off for college but kept in contact.

“The parents were absolutely devastated. This is not something they expected from their sons. Through the years, they were exemplary at college and are all intent on moving on.”

“They do know better and that partly explained why they were here,” Judge Kelly said.

“They decided to come here and get up to the criminal activity and not there, where they would get detected easier. They came to a Donegal village to indulge in these unacceptable activities.

“I am sure their parents are horrified. They did a good job in giving them a privileged upbringing and this is how they are repaid. The parents are now on trial here.”

Mr Gallagher asked Judge Kelly for his position regarding legal aid for the accused. “They don’t need it,” Judge Kelly replied.

Judge Kelly ordered each of the defendants to pay €250 towards the Letterkenny Youth and Community Club. He adjourned the matter until September 17 in order to be furnished with the receipts.



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