Bench warrant executed on man who failed to appear for court in 2013

July 10, 2020

A DERRY man who failed to appear for a court hearing in Donegal seven years ago was brought before Letterkenny District Court this week.

Gavin Hutton (29) of 23 Carrabane Walk, Shantallow, Derry, appeared at court on foot of a bench warrant.

Hutton had failed to appear in July 2013 when he was due to face a number of charges including drink-driving, driving without insurance and an alleged breach of the public order act.

A bench warrant was issued for his arrest after his failure to appear.

This week, Gardaí executed the warrant after detaining Hutton in relation to another matter. Hutton made no reply when cautioned.

In court, Hutton told Judge Paul Kelly that he was ‘freaking out’. “It’s my first time here,” he said.

Judge Paul Kelly asked Hutton why he had failed to turn up for his court hearing. Hutton replied: “I was in Derry at my mother’s house. I have bad anxiety. I’ve been going through a hard time in the last while.”

Judge Kelly  adjourned the matter until September 10.

When asked if he would return for his next hearing, Hutton said: “You’re right I will. I won’t go through this again.”