Woman faces the music after Longitude Festival ticket scam

November 19, 2020

A DONEGAL woman took money for Longitude Festival tickets she purported to have for sale without having the tickets.

Rosalin Stewart advertised tickets for sale for the 2018 Longitude Festival in June 2018.

The popular festival takes place each July at Marley Park in Dublin, attracting around 40,000 revellers.

Letterkenny District Court heard that Stewart (24), of Celtic Apartments, Pearse Road, Letterkenny advertised the tickets, priced at €220, online.

A woman agreed to but the tickets and, on June 25, 2018, transferred the money into Stewart’s bank account.

“No tickets were forthcoming because she never had any tickets to sell,” Sergeant Jim Collins told the court.

Stewart made full admissions when questioned by Gardaí.

Stewart appeared in court where she pleaded guilty to the offence.

Mr Frank Dorrian, solicitor for Stewart, said his client was ‘down in her luck’.

“It is sometimes easy to blame the company one keeps, but this is the only example of Rosalin becoming involved in the endeavour,” Mr Dorrian said.

“The methodology was show to her by a third party.

“She was unemployed, between homes and jobs at the time. It looked like a good idea.

“She was aware that the issue would catch up with her as the other gentleman was caught.”

Stewart, he said, was ‘mortified’ to find herself in Court, and would repay the full sum to the injured party.

Mr Dorrian said there had been a ‘spree’ of similar incidents by a person who lived with her and who was convicted.

“This requires quite an amount of preparation,” said Judge Paul Kelly.

Judge Kelly applied the Probation Act.



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