Major delay in summonses being served across Donegal court told

November 23, 2020

A major backlog in court summonses has developed in the courts system in Donegal as a result of Covid.

The issue was raised today at Letterkenny District Court.

Solicitor Frank Dorrian raised the point that a client had not been served with a summons until recently.

This happened despite the fact that the alleged incident happened in April 2019.

However, Garda Sergeant Jim Collins said that this was the reality because of the backlog in the courts system because of the impact of Covid.

The local courts did not sit for a number of weeks when the initial impact of Covid hit in March.

The courts are now only beginning to get back to any normality and to get through the lists of cases.

This is being addressed by additional court sittings being put on.

Because of the Level 5 lockdown, the judiciary also decided not to hold Circuit Court trials.



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