Man said he would break woman’s neck “like a chicken”

December 10, 2020

A BALLYBOFEY man has appeared in court charged with making a number of threats to kill.

Laurence Bonner (40) of The Park, Blue Cedars, Ballybofey was charged in relation to an incident at the Tusla Donegal offices.

Bonner turned up at the premises in Letterkenny and, during the course of interactions with staff he is alleged to have made a number of threats.

Staff reported the matter to Gardai after becoming concerned with Bonner’s utterances.

“If I wanted her dead, she would be,” Bonner is alleged to have said before telling staff: “Things will f**king happen if this shit is not sorted out.”

Bonner went on, Sergeant Jim Collins said, to tell the alarmed staff members: “I chopped down three trees in 20 minutes – imagine what I could do to a human. I’ll break her neck like a chicken and spread it all over the ground.”

Bonner’s tirade to staff continued when he is alleged to have said:  “I never want to see her fucking face again. The next time I see her face is in a coffin.”

The accused was also said to have told staff: “I’ll dance on her head.”

The case was before Letterkenny District Court, where defence solicitor Mr Patsy Gallagher said that the remarks were ‘more mouth than intention’.

“Well, you never know, do you,” said Judge Alan Mitchell.

“That is serious, serious threats, made in a certain environment, which is a concern.”

Judge Mitchell adjourned the case until January 11, 2021 when it will be decided whether the case will proceed at the District Court or forwarded for trial at Circuit Court level.



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