Probation act for man who was highly abusive to Gardaí

January 14, 2021

THE probation act was applied in the case of a Letterkenny man who became abusive to Gardaí while highly intoxicated. 

Letterkenny District Court heard that Gardaí responded to reports of a domestic incident at Canal Road, Letterkenny on November 19, 2020.

Officers observed Dan Mongan (30) exiting a caravan at the location.

Sergeant Gerard Dalton told Letterkenny District Court that Mongan began shouting and roaring abuse at Gardaí.

Mongan told Gardaí to ‘fuck off’ a number of times and when asked to deist he failed to do so.

Defence solicitor Mr Michael Shiel said: “Mr Mongan and his wife had a despute and there was too much drink taken. He realises that he shouldn’t have been abusive and he apologised before he left the Garda station. He has instructed me to apologise to the court. He and his wife reconciled the next day when everybody saw reason.”

Judge Paul Kelly applied the probation act.



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