Solicitors told to book their Letterkenny court date – for 2022!

March 22, 2021

Some cases scheduled to be heard at Letterkenny District Court are not being heard until 2022 because of delays caused by the Covid pandemic.

A number of cases down to get hearing dates at today’s sitting of the court had to be pushed back because of a large backlog.

The issue arose when solicitor Frank Dorrian looked for a hearing date for one of his clients.

He was told by the court clerk that the case could not be heard until January 6th, 2022.

The incident involving Mr Dorrian’s client allegedly happened five years ago.

However, he was told that the Garda involved in the case was on long term leave because of illness anyway.

Judge Deirdre Geraghty told Mr Dorrian “You might as well book your slot. We’re really into Neverneverland.”

Mr Dorrian replied that this was his first case for hearing for 2022 saying he would “take his chances.”

A number of other cases were also put in for 2022 dates.


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