Barred childcare worker attacked security boss in Letterkenny pub

October 25, 2021

A childcare worker who was barred from a Letterkenny pub viciously attacked a security guard after being confronted at the premises.

Sasha Darby, aged 22, was caught trying to enter the Warehouse Bar in Letterkenny on July 29th, 2018.

Security supervisor Christine McElaney spotted the then 19 year old with her then partner trying to enter Bar One of the premises.

She put her hands out in front of Ms Darby and said “you know.”

The security woman then said that Ms Darby flung a glass at her but she ducked and it hit a man behind her at the bar.

The pair ended up scuffling and Ms McElaney claimed that the accused grabbed her by the hair before the security guard “put her down” on the ground.

Ms Darby got up and tried to lunge at Ms McElaney again.

Ms McElaney said she had apologised to the man and had arranged a round of drinks for him and his friends as an apology.

Two Warehouse staff including Dylan Laird and Kevin Kral both supported Ms McElaney’s version of events on the night.

However, the court was told that CCTV footage from the evening was not available.

The court was told by Garda Glen Horan that Ms McElaney said she would secure the footage for Gardai who attended on the night.

However, the footage of the incident never materialised.

Solicitor for the accused of The Beeches, Ballybofey, Mr Donough Cleary, said the CCTV footage was a vital piece of evidence which was simply not there.

He said “The harvesting of this evidence was farmed out to the alleged injured party and what you believe, it is now blank.”

Because of this he asked for a direction for the case to be dismissed but Judge Raymond Finnegan said the evidence of the two other Warehouse employees meant Ms Darby has a case to meet.

When Ms Darby took the stand she admitted that she had encountered Ms McElaney at the Warehouse but not on this night.

In fact, the accused said she had never entered the bar but had remained outside.

When questioned by Garda Inspector Paul McHugh, Ms Darby simply said “I was not in the building.”

Passing judgement, Judge Raymond Finnegan said he was surprised by Ms Darby’s evidence and said he was satisfied she was guilty of the assault.

Solicitor Donough Cleary asked Judge Finnegan to consider a donation to charity as his client was a childcare worker and this would impact on her career.

Judge Finnegan asked Ms McElaney if she had a charity in mind and she said the RNLI.

Ms Darby was ordered to pay €500 to the Buncrana branch of the RNLI and the case was adjourned until December 6th for finalisation.