Donegal auctioneer launches most bizarre housing development – EVER!

written by Stephen Maguire August 8, 2022

Well-known West Donegal auctioneer Kenneth Campbell is well used to seeing properties of all shapes and sizes.

And he’s sick of being told that the Donegal housing market is shrinking.


But rest assured he’s not ‘away with the fairies’ with the launch a magical development on the River Walk in Dungloe.

Kenneth admits that these quirky homes are ‘compact’ but they do offer 24 hour security thanks to a very unusual source.

Watch here:

It’s all a bit of fun, and Kenneth said the idea came from some light ‘trolling’ a few years ago. He was part of the welcome party when ‘Stor the Troll’ arrived to Dungloe’s river walk in 2021. On that day, someone joked that everyone should watch the fairy houses in case Campbell auctioned them off! That sparked an idea for a video showcasing the town’s most unique properties.

Kenneth teamed up with Re-Act Productions who did great work with the special effects.


There’s a plug in there too, viewers will note, and Kenneth is excited to launch a new service – The service, available nationwide, helps people to order valuations for all purposes.

Kenneth says: “Most people think valuations are for valuing a house or for getting a mortgage, but there are many more reasons such as property transfers, probate valuations and for local property tax.

“The IPAV – Institute of Professional Auctioneers and Valuers is a network of around 1,500 registered valuers around the country who are all accredited and insured. When you call us, we send the instructions out to a member to complete the valuation.

“People might only get a valuation done once or twice in their lives, and we are here to make it simple.”