Donegal Hospice refused extension of planning permission for wards

written by Staff Writer February 23, 2023

The Donegal Hospice has been refused the extension of planning permission for a new development to cater for four single bed patients wards.

The Letterkenny facility had been granted the permission in March 2018.


It included a number of works which would have catered for the needs of patients and their families during end of life care.

The hospice, located at Knocknamona, was originally built in 2003.

After it was granted the original permission for the development in 2018, the hospice sought to have the permission extended in December last.

However, Donegal County Council has refused this extension of permission.

The council said that “to extend the appropriate period would be contrary to the Planning and Development Act contrary to proper planning and sustainable development of the area.”


A spokesperson for the HSE confirmed they submitted an application to Donegal County Council to extend the duration of the previously approved planning permission for Donegal Hospice which is due to expire on 20th March 2023.

The newly appointed design team have undertaken a review of the previously approved scheme to ensure it is in line with necessary standards and meet identified additional requirements.

As a result of this review a revised planning application is now required to address the changes to the scheme. An updated brief for the proposed works will now be progressed to its conclusion.