Man fined for revving his car loudly during rally

March 9, 2023

A man has been convicted at Letterkenny District Court for loudly revving his car.

Joshua Fogarty, of Quarryhouse, Rosscahill, West Galway, appeared before the court this week.

Fogarty was charged with driving without reasonable care at 12.03am on June 20, 2021.

Sergeant Sean McDaid told the court that it was the weekend of the Donegal Rally and Fogarty was
observed driving a blue Toyota Avensis.

Gardai said Fogarty was holding up traffic while in gridlock and was ‘revving his exhaust, making loud

A fixed charge penalty notice was issued, but was not paid.

Mr Frank Dorrian, solicitor for Fogarty, said everyone was held up in traffic gridlock at the time in

“It was bumper-to-bumper,” Mr Dorrian said. “A noisy exhaust was in operation and unfortunately he
was enthusiastically revving the car. One man’s music is another man’s noise.”

Mr Dorrian said such a charge was the ‘least offence’ under the relevant section of the Road Traffic Act.

Fogarty, now aged 20, who has no previous convictions, was said to have been ‘courteous, reasonable and
proper’ to Gardai.

Judge Éiteáin Cunningham convicted Fogarty and fined him €160, noting that he travelled from Galway
had had dealt with the matter fairly.