Kilmacrennan man with drugs in underwear is now fighting fit

March 30, 2023

A Kilmacrennan man found with drugs hidden in his underwear is now fighting fit, a court has been told.

Damien Alcorn, who has 36 previous convictions, was found with drugs concealed in his underwear
when he was searched at a Garda Station.

Alcorn was before Letterkenny District Court charged with the possession of cocaine and also with breaching a
barring order.

Gardai escorted Damien Alcorn to Letterkenny Garda Station on October 30, 2020.

Alcorn, a 41-year-old from Ballykeeran, Kilmacrennan, was before Letterkenny District Court this week
on a charge of possessing drugs.

Sergeant Jim Collins told the court that Alcorn went to the toilet and ‘after some debate, was found with
cocaine valued at €110 in his underwear’.

The court also heard that a woman attended a Garda station no July 28, 2021 complaining that Alcorn had
contacted her despite an order having been issued by the court.

Alcorn contacted the woman by telephone and text message.

A total of nine phonecalls were made between 8.08pm and 11.33pm while a text message was sent at

Solicitor for Alcorn, Mr Rory O’Brien, said his client wanted to apologise for the phone calls.

“There was no excusing it,” Mr O’Brien said. “He had far too much to drink and he shouldn’t have
engaged in any way. There was a lot of heightened emotion.”

Regarding the drugs charge, Mr O’Brien said Alcorn has since ‘rid himself entirely’ from the taking of

“Fitness is now his main outlet and he is engaged in a wide-range of fitness activity,” Mr O’Brien said.

“This occurred at the height of Covid and when there were restrictions on services. He found himself
dabbling and as soon as this charge came he realised that he was heading down a very wrong road again.”

Judge Éiteáin Cunningham fined Alcorn €250 for the unlawful possession of cocaine.

For breaching the barring order, Alcorn was fined €350. In each matter, he was given five months to pay.