Legendary home of ‘The Screamers’ goes up for sale in Burtonport

written by Staff Writer May 24, 2024

The fascinating former home of the Atlantis Commune has gone on the market in Burtonport.

The substantial seaside property, now named ‘Foirnis’ is up for sale at a €799,950 guide price with Campbells Auctioneers.


The house has a compelling history as it was once home to ‘The Screamers’ in the 1970s and the Silver Sisterhood in the 80s.

The Screamers, led by English woman Jenny James, were a hippy group who practised primal screaming and Reichian methods of extreme emotional self-expression.

Screamers of Burtonport (Image from ‘The Family’ Documentary)

The radical group moved on to the island of Inishfree in the 80s and the Rhennish Community or the Silver Sisterhood, moved in until the 90s. This group was based on a matriarchal society model, and the women referred to themselves as ‘maids’ and held strong traditional beliefs.

The house that once displayed astrological signs and symbols now stands out with a bright blue tone. Inside, the house has been renovated with bright and spacious rooms.

Campbells is promoting the listing as a unique landmark Victorian property which is sure to appeal to a wide range of buyers including family home buyers, holiday makers and even potential AirBnB hosts.


The ‘extraordinary gem’ boasts secret attic areas and maintains many of the features one would associate with the Victorian properties including large rectangular sash windows, a centrally located front door, high ceilings, open fireplace and solid wooden flooring all of which have been lovingly maintained by the current owners.

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