A Bundoran man bought equipment to grow cannabis at a local gardening centre before building a mini-drugs factory at his home.

Kevin Granaghan appeared at Letterkenny Circuit Court after Gardai raided his home and found an elaborate drug-cultivation centre at his home.

Acting on a tip-off, Gardai kept Granaghan, 54, under surveillance for some time before raiding his home.

When they eventually swooped on 16 St Bridget’s Terrace, they discovered almost €30,000 worth of cannabis plants and seeds in sheds and in the home of Granaghan.

The court heard that Granaghan’s home and sheds was set up to grow the plants in special conditions.

The windows had been specially sealed to keep out natural sunlight and the electricity supply had been bypassed using special copper wire.

In the garden of sheds at the rear of his home, a total of 67 cannabis plants and other materials with a total value of €29,800.

There was extractor fans as well as power packs, timers, switches and special watering systems to produce both make and female cannabis plants.

Gardai said they did not believe that Granaghan was capable of carrying out such an operation alone but was taking the rap for others.

When Gardai raided the house under the Misuse of Drugs Act on December 1st, 2010, the front door of the house was open.

Judge John O’Hagan asked if there was any evidence to suggest that he was supplying cannabis around the area.

Gardai said there was no messages on his mobile phone or different bank accounts to suggest he was supplying.

However the discovery of weighing scales and sealed plastic bags containing cannabis suggested he was part of a sales operation.

Judge O’Hagan adjourned the case for a year to see if Granaghan stayed out of trouble.

“If he keeps his nose clean then I will consider giving him a chance,” said Judge O’Hagan.

Barrister Desmond Murphy asked if his client could apply for his passport in order to visit Nigeria where he had a child with a woman there.

However Judge O’Hagan said he thought Granaghan was doing well enough as the normal tariff for such an offence was three years.





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