May 23, 2016

Letterkenny Courthouse.

COURTS: A man who knocked down a pedestrian left the scene because his young child took a tantrum.

Stephen Hegarty, 32, with an address at Ard Caoin, Manorcunnigham appeared in court in relation to an incident which occurred on the 19th July, 2015.

The court heard that Mr Hegarty was sitting in his car opposite Black’s Centra, Lower Main Street when he was approached by a pedestrian who asked him for a lift.

Garda Inspector Michael Harrison said, “Mr Hegarty was sitting in his car, and had his young child in the back, when a pedestrian approached him and asked him to give him a lift out to Churchill.

“He knocked out on the window and asked for the lift, but Mr Hegarty declined.

“A member of Mr Hegarty’s family then jumped in the car, and then had a conversation for a few minutes.

“The defendant then let his clutch out slightly, and went to reverse, but didn’t see the pedestrian was standing at the back of his car.

“He knocked him over, but the contact was very slight, the pedestrian had a cut on his elbow.

“Mr Hegarty wanted to take the pedestrian to the hospital to get checked out, but he declined, but they insisted to had to take him to the hospital.

“However, his young child took a tantrum and he left the scene, but Mr Hegarty had arranged with a member of his family to take the pedestrian who was knocked down to hospital.”

“He got x-rays taken, but there was no serious injuries sustained.”

The court heard that Mr Hegarty was a hard working family man, who worked full-time with a local maintenance company, and that he had no previous convictions.

He was charged with failing to remain at the scene, failing to report the incident and careless driving.

Judge Paul Kelly struck out the first two charges, but fined the defendant €150 for careless driving.