Lifford man ‘out of control’ in ‘drink-levelled’ and ‘volatile’ incident

April 15, 2018

A Lifford man became ‘out of control’ when he attacked three people he had been socialising with.

Michael Daly (24), of Main Street Lifford, was charged with four counts of assault following an incident at 15 St Jude’s Court on February 13, 2017.

Inspector Sean Grant said that Daly invited the three others, a male and two females, to a residence owned by his father.

The court heard the group gained entry to the premises via a window.

When Daly and another man returned to the sitting room of the house, Daly is alleged to have pushed the man to the ground and punched him in the face and body before biting the man’s left ear.

“When one party went to exit through a window, Daly hit her on the side of the head and said ‘get the f*** out of this house’,” Inspector Grant said.

The Inspector said the injured parties left but were followed by Daly, who pushed the other man.

When one of the females intervened, Daly is alleged to have said: ‘I’ll give you something to cry about’. The woman suffered injuries, including two dislodged front teeth and swelling to the face.

“This was a drink-levelled evening,” solicitor for Daly, Mr Frank Dorrian, said. “One of the complainants gives an estimate of having ten drinks before going to my client’s house and they were accompanied by two bottles of Buckfast and a bottle of Smirnoff into an already-volatile situation.

“One of the injured parties is friends with the mother of my client’s baby. It appears that they were persistent seeking information regarding that lady and that kicked this whole thing off.”

Mr Dorrian said Daly ‘regretted’ the incident and that he was ‘out of control’ on the night in question.

“He regrets it in a profound way,” he said of Daly, who was accompanied in court by family members.

Judge Paul Kelly adjourned the matter to seek a report on the costs incurred by the injured parties in the case.



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