Letterkenny businessman ordered to pay €15,800 in fees to legal firm

October 14, 2018

A Donegal businessman has been ordered to pay €15,800 to a local solicitor for unpaid legal fees.

Gus O’Driscoll, of Wet n Wild outdoor store in Letterkenny, appeared at Letterkenny Circuit Civil Court.

O’Driscoll, with an address in Kilmacrennan, was sued for failing to paid fees to Gibson and Company of Letterkenny.

The businessman had employed the services of the legal firm when his business got into trouble with Danske Bank.

O’Driscoll claimed in court that he was a simple man but claimed that he had been charged 300% of what he should have been charged.

He also complained that he had been forced to deal with numerous solicitors within the firm and that he had to constantly update them on his case.

However, after hearing the evidence President of the Circuit Court, Judge Raymond Groarke, said he was satisfied that Mr O’Driscoll was far from being a simple man.

He also noted that in finding in favour of Gibson and Co that the defendant “could not have his cake and eat it.”

He also noted that Gibson and Co and Mr O’Driscoll had enjoyed a personal relationship and asked if they wanted to come to any kind of agreement before he gave his ruling.

The parties failed to come to an agreement and Judge Groake ruled in favour of Gibson and Co in the sum of €15,800 and also ordered costs in favour of Gibson and Co.