A man who led Gardai on a high-speed chase before pulling up outside a Garda station claims he thought undercover officers were other people out to get him.

Neil Lynch took off at speed after being approached by Gardai in an unmarked patrol car in Co Donegal on December 14th last.

The 41-year-old was parked outside a garage in the village of St Johnston when he saw a car approaching him.

He sped off towards the village of Carrigans as Gardai pursued him with their siren on and flashing blue light activated.

Lynch increased his speed and then entered onto the wrong side of the road before eventually pulling up outside Carrigans Garda station.

His solicitor, Mr Patsy Gallagher, said his client did not know he was being pursued by Gardai but by other individuals.

Judge Paul Kelly replied incredulously “With sirens and blue flashing lights?”

Mr Gallagher replied that his client did have a chequered past.

He said this was the same man who drove a lorry with a tricolour on it through Armagh on July 12th.

However, he said Lynch was now trying to move on with his life and was working as a digger driver in Dublin and earning €700 per week.

“He seems to have turned over a new leaf and I am asking the court to see if he will abide by the law. If he is working and providing then it will be better all ’round,” said Mr Gallagher.

Judge Kelly said he was “very sceptical” about someone who drives away from a car with sirens and blue lights flashing on it.

He added that Lynch, of Tullyowen, St Johnston, had an appaling record.

He adjourned the case until May 17th and ordered Lynch to undertake the Pro-Social Driving course.



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