Man accidentally struck young woman in nightclub after being set upon

September 11, 2019

A man who accidentally assaulted a young woman in a Donegal nightclub was only trying to defend himself after being set upon by other people.

Jorge Carlin Pereda pleaded guilty to the charge arising from an incident at Voodoo, Lower Main Street in Letterkenny on April 22, last year.

Full evidence was heard at a sitting of Letterkenny District Court on June 10 and had been adjourned until this week for finalisation.

Sgt Jim Collins said Gardai were called to Voodoo nightclub after a male had been ejected for allegedly causing an assault inside.

Garda McFadden found Carlin Pereda, of 51 Main Street, Ballybay, Monaghan, had a cut above his right eye.

On viewing CCTV footage, the court heard that there was an altercation on the dance floor and the defendant could been seen attempting to strike another male, as he did so, he hit inadvertently hit the injured party who was sitting at the bar nearby.

CCTV footage also showed that another male bumped into the defendant causing his glass to fly out of his hand.

Solicitor for Carlin Pereda, Mr Frank Dorrian outlined that his client is a Spanish national who works in a managerial role for a meat factory and had been in Letterkenny for some time at the time of this incident.

“He tells me that he was being provoked, jostled, insulted and made fun of all for reasons he did not understand. He went to strike the guy who pushed him and it actually looks like the elbow of the person he struck is what hit the young lady in the face.”

In a statement to gardai, the defendant said he was deeply apologetic for what happened and said: “I’m so sorry for that, I did not mean that. I was defending myself.”

This week, Mr Dorrian re-iterated what he had said at the previous hearing and added that his client has treated this matter with “great seriousness”.

He added: “It can be seen on CCTV that my client’s assailant meets this matter with great hilarity. The contact was accidental. My client is not of a violent disposition and is as contrite as can be. He had no malice or ill will toward the injured party. His recklessness was borne out of panic and fear. It was a strange, bizarre situation.”

Judge Kelly said that under the circumstances he would apply the Probation Act, meaning a conviction will not be recorded against the defendant.