Man facing sentencing on robbery and endangerment charges given bail

April 21, 2020

A man who failed to turn up for his sentencing at the Circuit Court has been released on bail having been arrested in Letterkenny last night.

John Tierney was brought before Judge John Aylmer at Letterkenny Circuit Court today.

Tierney had been due to be sentenced on a number of charges including robbery, endangerment and various motor traffic offences in February.

However, he failed to turn up in court and a bench warrant for his arrest was issued.

He was arrested last night at Fortwell in Letterkenny last night and Gardai objected to bail in court today.

Garda Niall McLoughlin said that Tierney had previously taken seven bench warrants he did not believe he would show up in court.

Solicitor for the accused, Mr Michael Shiel said his client had three different addresses he could stay at and that his family was prepared to put up a cash lodgement of €500.

He added the reason why he didn’t show for sentencing in February was because of a panic attack.

Having heard the application, Judge Aylmer said that perhaps contrary to his better judgement he was prepared to give the accused a chance and would grant bail.

He imposed a number of conditions including that Tierney reside with his brother at Brandon Park in St Johnston, that he signs on three times each week in Letterkenny and that a cash bail of €500 be lodged in court.

He also told Tierney to observe a curfew of 10pm and 8am each day.

He adjourned the case until July 14th for sentencing.

And he added “Hopefully he doesn’t let me down in July and no issue of a panic attack.”