A DISTRICT Court Judge has reaffirmed a warning to court practitioners to adhere to Covid-19 guidelines.

Prior to the start of this morning’s sitting of Letterkenny Judge Paul Kelly urged those present to respect the guidelines.

Under the guidelines, the maximum number of persons permitted in court number 2 at Letterkenny courthouse is 19 (not 21 as previously said), including the Judge, registrar, lawyers and press.

“In accordance with public health measures, witnesses and persons who are not essential should wait outside,” Judge Kelly.

“The wearing of face masks is not mandatory here and reasons for not wearing will be respected.

“However, attendees are encouraged to wear on for the benefit of, not just themselves, but of everyone else.

“I am not wearing one as I am two metres from everyone.”

Judge Kelly outlined the continued importance of maintaining social distancing and using the hand sanitiser provided while entering and leaving the courthouse and reminded the practitioners to follow cough etiquette.

He said that anyone present in court for more than two hours should provide their name and address to the registrar.

He added: “We are all in this together and are working together.”



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