Judge slams people for traveling to Donegal during lockdown

August 7, 2020

A Judge has slammed a number of people from Dublin who traveled to Donegal during the Covid lockdown for a birthday party.

The group of four, two young men and two young women, appeared at Letterkenny District Court facing minor drugs and public order charges.

The four, represented by solicitor Rory O’Brien, had traveled from Dublin to appear in court.

Mr O’Brien had said that all four had come to Donegal to celebrate a friend’s birthday party when they were stopped by Gardai on a night out.

Judge Deirdre Geraghty said she had an issue with people traveling during the lockdown and then forcing Gardai to divert their time to deal with them.

“The problem I have is that these people should not have been traveling. The country was on lockdown during Covid.

“Gardai were busy with other duties and then they had to go and sort these people when they were busy enough already.

“That’s what I have the issue with,” she said.

Judge Geraghty was told the accused had small amounts of cannabis and that they were prepared to make a donation to the court.

Mr O’Brien suggested €100 each was normal for the court but Judge Geraghty said that was a little on the light side and that she usually asked for €300.

“I’ll split the difference with you Mr O’Brien and make it €200 to the Sergeant’s chosen charity,” she said.

She adjourned the case of the fourth defendant who faced public order and assault charges for statements in the case.



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