Pepper spray deployed on Castlefin man who resisted arrest

September 27, 2020

GARDAÍ had to deploy petter spray during the arrest of a Castlefin man who became highly abusive.

Sean Gibson (31) of Hillhead, Castlefin, struck a Garda as he resisted arrest.

Gibson, Letterkenny District Cour heard, called Gardaí ‘corrupt c****’ and ‘f****** stupid’. He pushed Garda McCafferty, causing him to fall.  Gibson fell on top of the Garda and pepper spray had to be deployed.

Assistance was called as Gibson resisted arrest.

Garda McCafferty sustained muscular damage and had to engage in physiotherapy.

Mr Curley said his client, a father-of-two, should be viewed as ‘very much a work in progress’.

“A large part of his teens and into his 20s were characterised by alcohol and drug abuse,” Mr Curley said, “He is 31 and he’s now doing a course in horsemanship and will move to Roscommon to complete the next part.

“He has been off alcohol for a number of years and drugs for a year, There was a period before lockdown where he was back on drugs for three weeks; bar that, he has been off drugs for a year.”

Mr Curley said Gibson, who he said suffered ‘deep anxiety’ and is schizophrenic, had ‘an issue’ with authority.

“He recognises that and he has made great strides,” he said. “He has issues and he understands that his behaviour to the guards can’t continue.

“He understands that he is in danger and his actions are not appropriate. He has made great strides from where he was.”

Sergeant Jim Collins said Gibson attended the Garda station within the last couple of weeks to express concern for another young man.

“That shows that he is coming around,” Sergeant Collins said. “He has fought with a lot of demons.”

In adjourning the case, Judge Paul Kelly asked for a probation report and a community service report.