Neighbours tell court of Donegal’s ‘House of Hell’

December 5, 2020

A district court judge has been told of a ‘House of Hell’ in Bundoran.

Judge Kevin Kilrane said there was alcohol, drunken violence, criminal damage, drugs and every other sort of crime at the home of Ann Ward at 15 Armada Cottages in Bundoran.

He has now given Donegal County Council two weeks to deal with a local authority “house of hell in Bundoran.”

“The problem is acute and must be solved.” Judge Kevin Kilrane told Ballyshannon District Court.

It must be a “continuous torture” to their neighbours and the general community, he added.

The judge made his remarks after hearing complaints from a next- door neighbour who
told the court that she got no sleep from Friday evening to Monday morning owing to the activities in Mrs Ward’s home.

Ms Oxana Bolshanina and her partner Hristo Dimitrov of 16 Armada Cottages had brought private complaints against Anne Ward, Patrick Ward, Jimmy Ward and Tom Ward of 15 Armada Cotrages, Bundoran, over noise that was so loud, so repeated and of such duration to give reasonable cause for annoyance.

A similar complaint was lodged against the second noticed party Donegal County Council under the Environmental Protection Agency Act.

The distraught neighbour said her family were going through a living hell as a result of the continuous anti- social behaviour next door.

She said they were proud to have bought their home and were now being subjected to a reign of terror.

The court also heard that when neighbours complained, their windows were broken.

Judge Kevin Kilrane said the neighbours of Mrs Ward were entitled to peaceful occupation of their homes.

Donegal County Council solicitor Kevin McElhinney said the Council were addressing the matter but were hampered by the fact that they could only take action against Ann Ward who was the tenant of the house.

They could not take action against her children who visited from time to time.

And if they did evict Ms Ward it created another problem as she would have to be re-housed.

Judge Kilrane said that he did not envy the task of the County Council in having to evict the tenant for anti- social behaviour and then find new accommodation, but he did not accept this submission from the Council.

The judge said that “something must be done” and while Ann Ward was not present, she had been before the court and was a problem.

“We can’t wave a magic wand and solve this matter today.”
He added:

“The only people who can solve this are the landlords, Donegal County Council who have a responsibility.

The case was adjourned to December 18 when members of the Ward family were also asked
to be present.


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