Child who was injured on way to school awarded €17,000

February 5, 2021

A child whose family car was rear-ended on her way to school leaving her with neck and shoulder injuries has been awarded €17,000.

The child was on her way to school when the crash occurred on September 3rd, 2017 at Ballymacool Terrace in Letterkenny.

Letterkenny Circuit Court was told two medical reports on the child revealed how she had suffered cervical spine pain as well as pain to her shoulder and neck.

The child also had to attend for physio after the accident.

The child had been a keen horse-rider but was forced to give this up for a long period but was now starting again.

The accident also happened on the day before the child’s 11th birthday forcing her to miss her birthday party.

She also missed two weeks from school as a result of her injuries after she had just rejoined her classmates for the beginning of the new school year.

An examination of the child 19 months post-accident found she was still experiencing some neck and shoulder pain.

Barrister for the child, Ms Fiona Crawford said the child has now substantially recovered from her injuries and that they were happy with the offer.

Judge John Aylmer said the offer was reasonable and approved it aksing if any of the settlement needed to be paid out.

He was told the girl is musical and already plays the tin whistle and violin but wanted to purchase a new electric keyboard which would cost the family approximately €1,000.

Judge Aylmer said that if the family purchased the keyboard and produced a receipt for it then it could be paid for from the settlement agreement.

The balance of the settlement was put into trust until the child is 18 years old.