Judge Paul Kelly to leave Donegal for top judicial role

March 10, 2021

JUDGE Paul Kelly is set to become the new President of the District Court.

The Government has nominated Judge Kelly to succeed Judge Colin Daly as the District Court President.

Judge Daly has been nominated to act as a Judge of the Circuit Court.

It is expected that Judge Deirdre Gearty will be Judge Kelly’s immediate successor on the benches of Donegal.

Judge Kelly has presided on District Court sittings in District Number 1, Donegal, since April 2011.

Judge Kelly, a native of Leixlip in Co Kildare, where he formerly served as Town Councillor, took over from Judge Seamus Hughes in Donegal almost ten years ago.

A keen runner and swimmer, Judge Kelly was a popular figure in the local community.

One of his most notable achievements during his tenure in Donegal was his assistance in setting up the Pro-Social Driver’s Course.

The course enjoys huge success in rehabilitating drivers who come before the courts for motoring offences.

He had established a successful legal practice in his native county in 1982, but retired upon his appointment to the District Court.