“It’s a book of lies” – Man refuses to accept book of evidence in court

June 16, 2021

A DONEGAL man who will go on trial on a harassment charge refused to accept a book of evidence this week.

Tom Dignam (61) of Woodlands, Dooish, Ballybofey is charged with harassing an Aidan Devine on various dates between December 10, 2019 and November 2, 2020, both dates inclusive.

Dignam appeared before this week’s sitting of Letterkenny District Court.

“Where is the man who said I did wrong?” Dignam asked, arguing that his case should be ‘dismissed on prejudice’ and that it was his ‘right’ for the prosecutor to be in place.

“You will have a chance to see him in the Circuit Court,” Judge Alan Mitchell said,

Judge Mitchell said the only issue he was dealing with was the service of the book of evidence.

“It is a book of lies that I don’t want,” Dignam said.

Dignam would not accept the book so it was serviced by a Garda touching him with the book.

“You can’t delay the inevitable,” Judge Mitcell said.

Asked if he had anything to say to the charge Dignam said:  “Everything I have to say is in my paperwork and I am leaving the paperwork here.”

The Court heard that the DPP had consented for Dignam being forward for trial to the next sitting of Letterkenny Circuit Court, which commences on July 13.

A section 56 order in relation to tapes of interviews was made and the alibi warning was administered by Judge Mitchell.

Dignam told Judge Mitchell that he was signing the bail bond ‘under duress’.

Judge Mitchell advised the defendant to consult a solicitor and said: “You can either sign the bond or I will remand you in custody. There is no question of duress.”

Judge Mitchell added: “It amazes me that people come into court with things like this and the source of who tells them this advice is a cause of concern to the court.”

Asked by the Judge if it was his signature on the document, Dignam replied: “It’s my autograph.”

Judge Mitchell said: “It’s marked ‘under duress’ on it – that’s of no relevance to me.”