Cancer patient who broke lockdown over roof mishap to pay €100

March 15, 2022

A cancer patient who traveled from Derry to West Donegal to fix a slate on a roof has been ordered to pay €100 to charity.

Margaret Kissane appeared at Letterkenny District Court where she was charged with breaching Covid travel guidelines.

Ms Kissane and her husband were stopped by Gardai at Illistrin on the night of March 8th, 2021.

Garda Sergeant Vincent Muldoon said he stopped the couple who claimed they were collecting equipment which he said he did not believe.

Ms Kissane, from Knight’s Bridge in Derry, told the court that she had restored her deceased mother’s home in Falcarragh and had spent a lot of money on it.

She had received a call from her tenant to say a slate had come off the roof and she feared water would come into the house.

She traveled to Falcarragh with her husband as it would take two of them to fix the broken slate, she said.

Ms Kissane said she suffered from cancer and that she misunderstood the guidelines for travel during the period as she believed she could travel for such issues.

She said they did not speak of met any other people on their journey and that they managed to get the tile back on the roof.

Ms Kissane also said she had proof of WhatsApp messages between herself and a handyman over the issue of the missing tile at the time.

As Ms Kissane gave her evidence, Sgt Muldoon suggested a donation to a local charity may be the best way to resolve the summons.

Judge Brendan O’Reilly agreed and told Ms Kissane and her husband Mr McDonagh to make a donation of €100 each to Saint Vincent De Paul and he would strike out the matter.