Garda car clocks 200km/h in pursuit of speeding motorist, court hears

December 13, 2020

GARDAÍ in Donegal reached speeds of up to 200km/h to pursue a motorist.

Gardaí followed Mathew McDowell, who they clocked at 153km/h in a 100km/h zone at Newtowncunningham.

Gardaí told Buncrana District Court that McDowell performed two overtakes before being forced to slow down at traffic calming measures at Moness, Burt.

Solicitor for McDowell, Mr Gordon Curley, said there was no evidence that his client was traveling at 200km/h.

“It wasn’t a calibrated vehicle and Gardai were doing that speed to catch up with him,” Sergeant Jim Collins said.

Mr Curley said McDowell, with an address at Prehen, Derry, was a 32-year-old engineer, who works all over the country.

“He was in a rush to get him and it got away from him,” Mr Curley said. “He understands that this is not acceptable. He wants to keep his licence at all costs. He has a clean licence apart from this aberration.”

Judge Paul Kelly said McDowell should take greater care ‘or he mightn’t be around the next time to face court – or someone else mightn’t be.’

Judge Kelly adjourned the case to March 11, 2021 to allow McDowell complete the Pro Social Drivers Course. He ordered McDowell to pay €250 towards the cost of the course.

Judge Kelly said: “There are no guarantees, but he better watch himself.”