Almost 25% of Donegal property buyers from outside county

written by Staff Writer June 17, 2021

A quarter of all people who bought property in Co Donegal within the past decade were from outside the county and mostly from Northern Ireland.

The figure has been released as part of a property analysis by the Central Statistics Office.


The analysis looks at various factors within the property market between 2010 and 2019.

Donegal also features as having one of the lowest from of incomes for sole purchasers of property with an average income of €30,800, the lowest behind Roscommon with an average sole income of €29,700 for purchasers.

The aim of the data is to provide insight into the type of individuals who are purchasing properties in Ireland across a range of themes such as price, age, income, gender and location.

Commenting on the release, Seán O’Connor, Statistician, said: “While the CSO provides a range of property related statistics such as planning permissions, new dwelling completions and the residential property price index, Characteristics of Residential Property Purchasers provides analysis into the types of individuals who are purchasing properties in Ireland over the period 2010-2019.

“The publication examines, amongst other topics, age and income of property buyers, and prices paid by different cohorts across time and at different geographic breakdowns.”