Judge criticises Gardai over issues around note-taking

November 1, 2018

A Judge has criticised some Gardai over the subjects of taking notes from people due to appear in court cases.

Judge Paul Kelly made his remarks after striking out an alleged dangerous driving case at Letterkenny District Court.

It followed an issue which arose during the case when a Garda asked the Judge if he could refer to his official notebook.

However, defence solicitor Kieran Dillon objected saying he had been told that the Garda had no notes on the case.

Mr Dillon referred to an email he received after requesting Garda notes on the arrest during which it had been stated that no notes had been taken by the Garda in his notebook.

Mr Dillon said he was objecting to the situation saying he was trying his best to prepare for a case but had been told there were no Garda notes.

Garda Inspector Michael Harrison said he could not argue with Mr Dillon and he could not take the matter any further.

Judge Kelly said he was striking out the case because of the issue.

And he said “It’s happening too often and it’s not acceptable.”