A Judge has invited people into his court to see the effect binge drinking is having on society in Co Donegal.

Judge John O'Hagan

Judge John O’Hagan

Judge John O’Hagan spoke out as he invited people to witness the legal system in action – and hopefully persuade young people not to break the law.

The circuit court judge said that public order offenses fueled by alcohol were now a fact of life in Donegal.

“Binge-drinking is a fact of life and we have to face up to it – look at the awful things that are happening as a result of it.

“We have so many public order offenses fueled by alcohol and a lot of those involve young people who are hoping to go on to college and so on.

“If a visit here convinces them not to get involved in that then that is wonderful,” he said.

He added that people can contact the courts service and there is a hand-out to explain the procedure for groups or individuals wishing to visit.




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